Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Matt Trousdale (People Must Jam) UK Tour Spring 2015

Matt Trousdale is taking the People Must Jam record box with him on a bit of a spring tour overseas very soon.

Catch Matt at the following places in England and Northern Ireland: -

Saturday 28th March - Milli Vanilli in York, England
Thursday 3rd April - Cave Paintings in Leeds, England
Sunday 5th April - Pagoda in Liverpool, England
Monday 6th April - Queen and Disco in Derry, N.Ireland.

Floor Jammers Volume 2 - Sold Out! Andy Ash - Hurricane Fantasy EP coming soon....

Thanks to everyone that bought a copy of our last record "Floor Jammers Vol. 2".  It has now sold out but do not fear - Andy Ash's forthcoming EP - Hurricane Fantasy is just around the corner along with an amazing Ron Basejam remix.  Check out these clips below.....