Saturday, March 18, 2017

Das Komplex - Under Feet EP (PMJ011) Coming soon!

So stoked to tell you about our next record......

Das Komplex - Under Feet EP (PMJ011)

A1.  Under Feet
A2.  W Podwodnym Pasniku
B1.  Bearded Dwarf
B2.  When

Das Komplex or Marcin to his parents has been steadily putting out incredible music for the last few years, building on an extremely well tailored collection of tracks they have started hitting all sorts of people’s radars no one more so than Dj Harvey who has been supporting his releases at some of his big shows.  

A1.  Under Feet - Whilst the people of Australia are dancing the people of Poland are sleeping.  Or vice versa…  Starting off with some lcd fuelled vibes before a psychedelic phasing disco loop appears out of the smoke before twisting the track out in a slightly different direction.  

A2.  W Podwodnym Pasniku - Funky bass, filtered chords and a familiar vocal sample combine for this almost early french house sounding track circa ’96.

B1.  Bearded Dwarf - Very much sounding like Prins Thomas has been at work here, a big room Scandinavian sounding house track (via Poland!).  Big atmospherics, other worldly vocal samples, lovely guitar snatches and driving piano with the addition of some tribal flute!

B2.  When - Our favourite cut from the EP… Cleverly using a Herbie Hancock sample and layering with disco sounds, vocals and a deep driving bass line to produce his trademark atmospheric, moody house sound.

As always pressed on 180gm vinyl.  Please hunt down and destroy dance floors accordingly.

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